1. alwaysbealonewolf:

    Omg laughed so hard

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  5. beautiful

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  6. The lobby of the building where I work is pretty vaporwave


  7. If you’ve never listened to my music, you should start with this track.

  8. Debut single from my bros in Party Bois!

  9. spitzlang:

    despite all my sage
    i’m still just a rave in a cave
    EP coming soon

    100% vhs

    *new video*

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  10. One of the most incredible pieces of video art I’ve ever seen

  11. holy shit

  12. I’m sorry that I wasted even a day being skeptical of these dudes

  13. NOK done did it again

  14. spitzlang:

    spitz↭lang ~ slow sweep

    off of pastel cell


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